Hairplus’ Guide to Choosing a Wig

Hairplus’ Essential Guide to Choosing a Wig.

Wigs from Hairplus

Wigs from Hairplus

Our hair plays a big part in expressing our identity, and in particular for women, a big part in expressing their femininity. A wig is an easy way to update your look, cover up patchy or thinning hair, as a solution to temporary or permanent hair loss due to medical conditions or illness, or a convenient solution for transgenders.

Whatever your reason for choosing to wear a wig, with the right guidance, fitting assistance and wig care advice you will find a wig that suits your look, looks natural, and most importantly, feels comfortable, so you have the confidence to step out with style.

We’ve put together some top tips to help guide you through the process and share with family and friends. Click here for your complimentary. Essential Guide to choosing a wig.


What a young teen kept secret for over a year.

Hair CutNot everyone likes to lose a client but sometimes we are excited to say goodbye but only for a particular service. Last week was one of those days when we said goodbye to a client’s old hair and welcome to the new.

Last year, we had a young 12 year old visit with her mum, in tears, as her hair was just dropping out. It was Alopecia and there was nothing she could do about it. She used clip on pieces and a wig to conceal the hair loss during the different stages. She didn’t lose all her hair and what was left she couldn’t bear to cut off until last week. Only her closest friends and immediate family knew about her condition.

She has written a story for us about her experience dealing with alopecia and we hope to share this with you soon. We hope this will help someone going through hair loss or give people an insight about Alopecia.

When she goes back to school, her friends will notice she has shorter hair but many will not have known about her hair loss and her journey to conceal the bald patches.

For further information about Alopecia visit Alopecia New Zealand or  National Alopecia Areata Foundation. You may also be eligible for a Government subsidy for wigs and hair pieces. Visit Hairplus Auckland to find out more.


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