No Evidence of Breast Cancer – The Words All Women Would Love to Hear.

Last week, I finally had my appointment with Breast Screen, Aotearoa. First appointment of the day after dropping kids at school therefore had very little time to really worry or think about it that morning until I was on my way there.Yem Braid Red Top

At first, I was a bit unsure about starting the week this way but have to say it was much easier to go and get it over with. I’ve met many many women (and men) who have been diagnosed with cancer with the service I provide at Hairplus so I know there is absolutely no logic in who gets or doesn’t get cancer (including Breast Cancer).

Before going in I sat in the car and prayed. Yes prayed that the test will go well, that the result will ultimately be negative and for those whose lives have changed just from having a mammogram. Few minutes later, I was walking in with complete faith that everything will be OK.

BreastScreen AotearoaThe reception was welcoming, the lady behind the counter was lovely and soon my shoulders were less tense, my heart rate had slowed down to a normal pace and I was smiling again.

Forms completed, release form signed, and another 5 minutes later, I was ushered away to change into a freshly laundered gown then meet the radiologist in the room opposite.

Like everyone I’ve met or worked with associated with this disease, the Radiologist (I’ll call her Tracy) was kind and friendly, she explained the process and I trusted her to do what she had to do. It wasn’t painful or unpleasant but definitely not something I wish to do everyday.

In less than 30 minutes, the whole process was over, I was told how long I’d have to wait for the result and even picked up a bag on my way out.

One week later, again on a Monday morning, I opened my mail and there was a letter with not details on the envelope but addressed to me. The first words I read were in bold capital letters – NO EVIDENCE OF BREAST CANCER. What a way to start the day, the week, a new month! Yay!

I’ve now read the rest of the letter. I know Mammography can still miss cancers and I know how important to have regular checks. For now, I celebrate being clear. I empathise with those who are battling or who have lost loved ones to cancer. I thank all the people behind the research, treatment and support for cancer. I encourage all women to take that step and get checked. I did it for myself, my children, family and friends. No one wants to lose a loved one to this disease.

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To find out about more about mammograms or would like help support or advice about Breast Cancer, contact New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation or phone the specialist breast care nurse for advice on 0800BCNurse.