Top 10 Healthy Hair Tips That You Shared With Us

Hairplus 10 healthy hair tipsDuring our Thursday Treat Giveaway, we asked you to share with us one healthy hair tip. Most of these you’ll know, some we don’t often think about and one or two things you may like to try.

  1. Don’t over wash your hair
  2. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated
  3. Brush your hair daily to move oils through to the ends and avoid matted knots
  4. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet
  5. Eat seaweed – makes the hair shiny
  6. Maintain a good diet and eat nutritional foods
  7. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner
  8. Wash with white wine vinegar once a week (have also heard of occasional rinse with cider vinegar)
  9. Have a regular haircut/trim to avoid split ends
  10. Apply hair treatment once a week.

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Healthy Hair for Kids

Healthy Hair for KidsHair health is often forgotten about by parents until it falters.  Like teeth, good hair-health habits practised early can actually have benefits later in life.  With around 65% of all adults suffering hair loss at some point in their future, good practice set in place now can help minimise the extent of hair damage and hair loss as children grow older.

One of the biggest hair-health issues to affect most children during their school career is an infection by head lice. Though we cannot completely prevent head lice, we can minimise the number of children affected and reduce the outbreak in our schools. Early education helps lessen the anxiety or embarrassment parents can feel when they discover their child has head lice.

How Hairplus can help. We offer a FREE Healthy Hair talk to parents and teachers about treatment and control of nits, healthy hair habits and how to identify other hair and scalp conditions in children.  We also cover hair health and chlorine and how and when to use organic hair products.  The talk will be fun and interactive and we can include a session on hair styling for dance for children with longer hair.

Benefit for your school

  • Less frequent outbreak of head lice throughout the school
  • Help with drafting up an action plan and advice leaflet for parents when head lice outbreaks occur
  • Information leaflets for parents concerned about hair loss and scalp conditions with their children
  • Parents and teachers are equipped if a child suddenly develops alopecia.

Hairplus offers natural alternatives for optimum hair health that don’t contain parabens and other chemicals which can be absorbed through the scalp.

We stock fantastic products for children in a range of great brands including Botanica, Pineapple Heads, Mediceuticals, Tangle Teezers and more. Order online at

To register your school for a FREE Healthy Hair for Kids talk:

  • Email your school name and address to including your contact details or complete the form below.