Not to prime is a crime!

Is your makeup nearly all gone by the end of the day? We have the answer, try a primer!

make up sponge

As makeup artist Napoleon Perdis once said, “Not to prime is a crime!” So true! Primer is vital for your makeup to look flawless, as well as stay on all day.

What is it?

Primer is a gel, cream or lotion that is applied before your makeup to even out the skin tone. It helps your makeup glide on smoothly and acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup, so makeup doesn’t absorb and stays on all day.

How to use it

The most common primers are face and eye primers. Face primers help your foundation stay on, while eye primers help eye shadow set. Primer should be applied with your fingers after moisturiser and before your makeup.

Some of our favourites

  • Napoleon Perdis Auto- Pilot primer.

This one is great for all skin types and enriched with vitamin E to keep your skin looking in perfect condition.

  • Revlon Photoready primer

This primer comes in two types, original and colour correcting. The colour correcting one counter acts any redness or sallowness in the skin. Great for blemishes!

  • Natio Pure Mineral Face primer

This oil free primer is ideal for those prone to pimples or skin reactions.

Can you share one make-up tip on how to look good all day long?makeupprimers_thumb


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